Love Your
Waist Trainer

Keeping your waist trainer, sweat band, yoga mat or gym equipment clean doesn’t have to be difficult! Simply shake, spray and wipe with our Waist Trainer Cleaner® daily to fight sweat bacteria, dirt, mildew and odor.

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Natural, Plant Derived Ingredients

Disinfect and Protect your Waist Trainer

Our specially formulated cleaner contains odor-eliminating ingredients that naturally break down dirt, dust, bacteria and oil.

Kills Sweat Bacteria

Engineered to be tough on dirt & sweat bacteria, but gentle on skin & senses.

Removes Odor

Contains odor-reducing ingredients that naturally break down dirt, dust, mold, mildew and oil.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

Plant-based, non toxic cleaner that’s safe for your waist trainer and easy on the planet

Refreshes while Preserving Your Waist Trainer Material

Our all-natural biodegradable cleaner is made to keep your waist trainers and yoga mats clean, germ-free, and smelling fresh.

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Versatile Cleaner at Your Fingertips

Clean. Refresh. Protect

  • Tough on Dirt and Sweat Bacteria

    Natural cuts through germs, dirt, and mildew, leaving your waist trainer or yoga mat, clean, and without a toxic trace.

  • Safe, Healthy Ingredients

    Our products are inspired by nature and infused with real ingredients that are safe for you, your family, and our planet.

  • Shake, Spray then Wipe

    Spray on. Wipe clean. The clean happens automatically. No residues or known irritants left behind.

Cleans & Restores Using Natural Ingredients

Completely free of artificial fragrances, ammonia or other harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin, ruin your equipment or harm the environment

Safe, Strong and Effective

Waist Trainer Cleaner®

JS Waist Trainer Cleaner is a streak-free, fume-free, gentle, and versatile cleaner made from plant-based ingredients and water. The renewable and biodegradable ingredients were carefully chosen and developed into a premium solution by the team at JS Cleaner. We strive to be source for natural, plant-based, child-safe, pet-safe, hypoallergenic, and effective gym equipment cleaner.

Key Benefits

Engineered to be tough on dirt & sweat bacteria

Contains odor-reducing ingredients

Naturally break down dirt, dust, mold, mildew and oil

Plant-based, non toxic cleaner that’s safe and non abrasive.

Anti-bacterial and germ eliminating spray

Refreshes while preserving your waist trainer material.

We use lemons to deliver a clean, citrus smell.


What People Are Saying

Pleasant smell. Noticably cleaner!

The product works well. I use it to clean my yoga mat and sweat belt. The scent is pleasant. I will definitely purchase again.

Nellie Staller

Must have for yoga mats & waist trainers.

Convenient and very portable. Smells great. I spray and wipe my waist trainer after use and when I take it out for the next use, it's clean, deodorized, and the scent actually wakes up the senses!!! A must have!!! Will be ordering a spare bottle!

Amanda Cheise

Love it so much

THIS IS DEFINTELY MY NEW WAIST TRIMMER AND YOGA MAT CLEANING SPRAY!! It works on so many other surfaces besides waist trainers (score!)
The fact that the ingredients are natural and non-toxic means that I've been able to use this stuff to de-stink my sweat belt and carry my daughter around without worrying about chemicals! Can't describe the difference it makes!

Chantelle Lee

Gentle for your waist trainer.
Powerful for your yoga mat